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Essay Poetry

In 2021 we held a contest open to all students to express their thoughts on climate change through photography, poetry, and essays.


The results exceeded our expectations. This page is dedicated to the winners.


Our Winners

1.5 to Stay Alive 2.jpg


Khadiljah Halliday

Teja Jay Rose

Luke Smith

Alson Ovando

Aisha Atherly

1.5 to Stay Alive 1.jpg


Ambika Jagssaringh

Alisandre Jaiserrisingh

Jeremey Joseph

Denzil Romain

Jabri Superville



Lazaro Jackson

Anella D. Shillingford

Tasha Edward

Sherona Nichols

Dominique Willams

Debbie-Ann Ashby

Cherie Frank

Mariel Garcia | Shaunee Richards | Natalia Green

Kela Sunshine Roberts | Benita Vital | Sage Mitchel

Photography Winners
Photography Winners
Selected Submissions
Photogrpahy Submissions
Essay Winners
Essay Winners
Poetry Winners
Poetry Winners
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