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Working Towards a Sustainable Future For All Caribbean Citizens



The Caribbean Climate Justice Project seeks to educate and inform on the threats posed to lives and livelihoods in the Caribbean by climate change and to catalyze action on the necessary responses at the household, community, national and regional levels.


What We Do

The Caribbean Climate Justice Project works with and through community based organisations to draw attention to the existential threat posed by climate change to the small island developing states and low-lying countries in the Caribbean and to advocate for appropriate responses on behalf of the affected citizens.

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This initiative seeks to educate and inform citizens of our region on climate change, its impacts on the various sectors and populations, and the measures and responses that can be employed to help us to minimize the adverse effects of this ominous threat.


Advocacy is a very important component of our work. We want to ensure that there is a better and broader understanding of the ways in which climate change is seriously impacting lives and livelihoods in the region and appropriate measures are put in place to minimize these impacts, particularly among vulnerable populations.


At the Caribbean Climate Justice Project we aim to bring together groups and organisations at the community, national and regional levels to share knowledge and experiences and to help develop a coherent and coordinated response to the impacts of climate change

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“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”


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